KLN Logistics is proud to serve a variety of industries with exceptional service. Our logistics applications are flexible enough to accommodate nearly any industry request. Click any of the links below to learn a little more about the different industries we service.

  1. Manufacturing


    Manufacturing companies often rely on industrial machinery with complex moving parts to produce items and generate revenue. When the machines stop, the money stops; any missing or broken part needs to be immediately replaced to keep the business running. Whether it’s small enough to fit in your hands or too big to be manually lifted, we will find a way to move your parts and machines as fast as you need them to go.

  2. Medical


    In the health care industry, patients’ lives are often in the balance. Most medical equipment and other facility components need more than just speedy transport; they need white glove service to protect their sensitive elements. Our medical equipment logistics services efficiently move your shipment across the country without obstacle, ensuring uninterrupted care. Whether it's equipment, components or pharmaceuticals, if it requires using cold pack, enviro/credo containers, and/or temperature sensitive markers, KLN will get it there on time meeting your service demands.

  3. Perishables


    Perishables have a time limit by definition. Transporting perishables is a process under pressure, and any obstacles between point A and point B could yield disaster for the entire load. KLN Logistics addresses these problems before they arise, ensuring a clear path to the final destination using reefer trucks, enviro/credo containers, or packaging specific to the needs of our customers.

  4. Government


    Our history of government work is a major strength, and our minority certification makes us a perfect fit for most public logistics needs. All materials are handled with care and precision, never compromising the care of our deliverables.

  5. Home Deliveries

    Home Deliveries

    When you need something delivered to a residence, KLN Logistics is the best bet. No matter how sensitive the materials are or how tight the delivery window may be, we are equipped to ensure successful delivery.

  6. Electronics


    High tech electronics are some of the highest quantity items to ship, and KLN Logistics ensures they are handled and stored with care. With high valuation and delicate structure, proper tracking and storage are essential for successful logistics in the electronics industry.

  7. Energy


    Utility companies in the energy industry need to stay up and running to ensure uninterrupted service for millions of clients. Whether it’s a three pound gear or a 2,000 pound fan, we work tirelessly to deliver new or replacement parts to major energy providers throughout the United States.

  8. Retail


    The retail industry is demanding, requiring swift delivery and careful attention to avoid the risks of breakage, spoilage, or low stock/out of stock situations of key products. Our many service offerings allow reflexive catering to the retail industry, keeping costs low while maximizing results.