Our cartage services use the power of ground transportation to facilitate reliable, nationwide delivery. Using trucks, trains, and other vehicles, KLN Logistics focuses the power of an expanding network of resources for your logistics needs.

Local Pickups & Deliveries

While our capabilities expand internationally, we have special experience with local pickups and delivery. For a same day turnaround at a cost effective price, KLN Logistics is unmatchable.

Hot Shot

Hot shot delivery is our term for expedited freight. No matter how tight your time crunch or how urgent the delivery, KLN Logistics finds a way to get your package to its destination. Utilizing strong partnerships and multiple carriers when necessary, we take measures to guarantee successful delivery.


KLN Logistics offers capacity for LTL shipping and FTL shipping, harnessing the advantages of each whenever possible to serve the needs of our clients in an economical and efficient manner.

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