Logistics is more than just pickup and delivery. Our company offers storage and distribution to serve your warehousing needs as well. From loading docks to pallet racks, you can be assured your materials are always in good hands.

Pick & Pack

No matter how large or expansive your materials are, our pick and pack services make sure they are organized and distributed properly.


Covering your target range, our distribution services respond immediately to your organization’s needs. Accommodating any shipping speed, we track your inventory and ensure a timely and efficient delivery.

Cross Docking

Cross docking cuts warehousing and management costs by transporting materials straight from a truck or railcar to another mode of transportation. This is a form of direct delivery, and is one of our most efficient offerings.


Whether they’re on the shelves for a day or several months, KLN is able to store your materials until they are ready for shipment. This eliminates the need for your own warehouse, saving you money and the struggle of ongoing inventory management.

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